Bhutan Travel Guide


Except travellers from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, all visitors to Bhutan requires visa. Visas are issued only when a comfirmed booking through a Bhutanese operator is made. Air tickets to Bhutan can only be issued once the visa is confirmed. At entry port the visa is stamped on the passport. The visa fee of US$ 20 will be collected by the tour operator while making your tour payment. All visa applications must reach Bhutan atleast 7 days prior to the intended arrival date. Bhutanese ambassies and missions abroad do not issue visa for entry to Bhutan. 



The national air lines, Druk Air and the privatel operated Bhutan Airlines, operates several flights per week from Bangkok(Thailand), Delhi and Kolkatta (India) and Kathmandu (Nepal) to Paro (Bhutan) that offer spectacular views of the highest mountains in the world. The airport is about an hour and a half drive from the capital city, Thimphu. Flight schedules, rates and other flight information are available at



The border town of Phuentsholing in the south-west has the road access open for tourists. It lies approximately 170 kilometres from the Indian domestic Airport at Bagdogra, West Bengal. Phuentsholing is 179 kilometres from Thimphu and takes about six hours drive through endless hair-pin bends and scenic mountain road.



Mode of transport in Bhutan is mainly by motor vehicles. However, of late, the domestic air services are also launched, linking the districts of east, west and central. The main highway runs from west to east connecting all the major towns.



Cigarettes and any other tobacco related products are forbidden in the kingdom. For personal consumption passengers are permitted to bring in 200 cigarettes (10 packets-1 ctn) on payment of 200 percent duty. Alcoholic beverages upto 1 litre for personal consumption.


Ngultrum (NU) is at par with Indian Rupee

1 Ngultrum = 100 Chetrums

1 Ngultrum = 1 Rupee(Indian)

60 Ngultrums (approx) = US$ 1

US Dollar and Euro are accepted in most tourist hotels and shops.



Visitors are accomodated in government approved tourist hotels with decent facilities. Traditional Bhutanese food is very hot and spicy but visitors are served and palatable dishes and may even include Western and Continental dishes.