The Sewala Monastery

Sewala is the seat of the Jamgoen Rimpoche, the lineage of Drupthop Terkhungpa and is four and a half hours walk from Amorimu through the thickest and richest forest with many flora and fauna to be seen and nurtured.

The monastic seat of Sewala was first built as a retreat hut in a place of delight and wonder in 1715 by Jamgoen Ngawang Gyaltsen, one of the most distinguished and respected Buddha Maitreya incarnation lineage in Bhutan.

Later, in 1732, when Jamgon Ngawang Gyaltsen passed into parinirvana, his nephew Choeje Ngawang Thinley, who comes from the same noble family lineage as a memorial service built a two-storied temple of Maitreya and thus the monastic seat was expanded with several temples. Furthermore Choeje Shakya Gyaltsen who lived from 1839 till 1899 built the “Kubag Lakhang” a temple of the statues of Jamgoen lineage, and filled it with many precious inner religious monuments.