Demonstration of Traditional Methods of Farming

The demonstration on traditional method of the entire process in the farming starting from feeding a pair of bulls, yoking them, ploughing with melodies of the person after a pair of bulls and producing dairy products at the village level like manual milking of cows, butter churning and producing cheese are some activities that shall be facilitated. Other activities like production of vegetable oils, brewing ara/alcohol and producing other locally consumed items like zaw and seep at the village level can also be demonstrated. With urbanization in most countries, the younger generation are curious to watch and learn the process of how the indigenous products that we consume in our daily life.  

Apart from these, horse riding and trekking to nearby places of interests like hot spring, ancient ruins, place of historical heritage and spots from where nature could be nurtured can be facilitated. All these activities could involve the local community actively enhancing their livelihood.