TUSHITA ECO-VENTURES PVT LTD is a tour operations group tailored to provide deluxe holidays and vacation gateways with the motives to facilitate the travelers in exploring and understanding the traditional values that are embedded within the activities in Bhutanese community. Located to the extreme north of Punakha, escape to the beauty on more than ten acres, Amorimu Eco-Resort incorporates ecology, agriculture and spiritual activities.

Experience lush rainforests, organic plantations, and over 15,000 species of flora and fauna like never before. Our eco-friendly community is gated, self-sustaining and full of local tours to take advantage of. We offer a variety of accommodations to suit every budget - is the relaxed tropical ambience of a Bhutanese-style home for you? Or maybe you'd prefer a beautiful contemporary villa with a private bathroom? Let us know!

Our one-of-a-kind location is situated extremely in the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National park, great historical sites and a pristine environment comprising the richest species of birds, animals and flora and fauna in the world. With Gasa to the north and the rest of the Punakha community in close proximity, you can explore a different rural lifestyle each day to enjoy adventures like the traditional method of the entire process in cultivation, starting from feeding a pair of bulls, yoking them, plough with melodies of a person after the bulls. Apart from this, the process of producing dairy products in the village starting with manual milking of cows, churning of butter and producing cheese shall be made to observe. Other activities like producing indigenous edible oil from vegetables and forest products, brewing arra/alcohol and producing other daily local consumable items, attend local festivities, or join the family in a house. On-site, try stone bathing, hot spring bathing, biking, hiking, or horseback riding - bird watching and eco-educational tours are also available! You can also experiment the peace of mind through meditation in pursuit of the truth of existence. All tours involve light to moderate activity (we don't want you to work too hard!) and are fully guided by our friendly, qualified, and professional guides.

We are committed to the attention of each traveler/visitor and provide a convenient and efficient means of planning and traveling. It couldn't get any easier for you. We'll help to book flights, tours, organize your travel visas, and even cater to food preferences or special requests for those memorable times in our lives.

Known for our superior service, dedicated staff, and uniquely designed tours - it's tough to say which is better; our team or our location. Convenient transportation, unique dining experiences, customized accommodations, and endless opportunity for exploration have helped us become simply the best! We have tours to suit every budget, interest, and opportunity on your bucket list - and we're waiting to give you the experience of a lifetime.