The House of Ob-tsho/Amorimu Eco Resort

The house of Amorimu, a lineage of Ob-tsho is a living museum for the interest of any acquaintance, where any visitor could experience living in a traditional Bhutanese house. One of the unique features of Tushita Eco-Ventures is its establishment of Amorimu Eco Resort at the historical place of Amorimu in Goenshari, the birth place of Jamgoen Lineage and the homeland of the first Desi (Deb Raja) Umdze Tenzin Drugyel. The specialty of the location is due to an ongoing Eco-project incorporating all the activities of Tushita Eco-Ventures to provide an alternative vacation packages to the tourists. Any traveler or a visitor that look for a new experience as a part of his/her trip or any family that look forward to strengthening their relationship by staying together shall avail the opportunity through the home/farm stay facilities provided by Tushita Eco-Ventures. 

The establishment is located in the 350+ years old ancient abode, where the first Desi Umdze Tenzin Drugay had dwelled, surrounded by guesthouses with mud ramming structure in the traditional Bhutanese etiquette with provision of modern toilet facilities to suit the comfortable stay of any tourist from all over the world.