Wildlife Observation

 Watching Birds, Animals and Plants

Our one of a kind scenic tour of the plantations of the Amorimu Eco Resort gives visitors an opportunity to observe the wildlife in the area. Be on the lookout for thousands of tropical birds, howler monkeys and the national animal-Takin at a higher altitude.

The topography ranges from warm sub tropical vegetation zone of mix hardwood, broad leaved forest to the higher altitude mixed conifer zone, where a trekker, a vacationer, a sightseer would be facilitated with the study of the flora and fauna of the National Park. The Botanists, Zoologists, Geologists, Entomologists, Mycologists and bird specialists could explore their expertise and further enhance their knowledge in the line. On the way to Sewala from Amorimu, a diversion could lead the enthusiasts to a spot, from where at times even Takin, the national animal of Bhutan could be spotted. There are varieties of birds and animals that can be seen in the wide range of the topography. This would replenish their souls. There are so much to explore in the line of flora and fauna of the Kingdom.