Tushita is a Sanskrit word which means “A Place of Joy”.  In traditional Buddhist cosmology it is called “Gadhen”, one of the six celestial worlds of the desire realm (Sanskrit: Kāmadhātu), located between the Yāma heaven and the Nirmānarati heaven.  If you are traveling to Punakha, an ancient capital of Bhutan, you will experience the magnificent sight of the Sewala monastery, an ancestral seat of the successive Jamgoen Trulku Rinpoches, from just few minutes down the Dochula Pass. It is from the name of this historical monument that the company has derived its name. As your journey takes you ever closer towards the glorious Pungthang Dewa Chenpoi Phodrang-A Palace of Supreme Bliss, you will feel the sense of joy and peace. Located at an altitude of 2310 meters/4300 ft, spontaneously accomplished with all the virtuous qualities, from the very beginning, is the hillock where the great Sewala monastery is established.  The journey takes about 2 hrs drive from Punakha through the tranquil meadows and bucolic valleys until you get an insight of the magnificent Gadhen Chhoekhor Dorjidhen, standing majestically on a rhino like hill top amidst the blissful forest of joy – “The Gadhen of Jamgoen Lineage”. The proprietor is the 6th reincarnation of the Jamgoen lineage and is currently residing at Sewala Choekhor Dorjidhen.